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Friday night, August 1st (approx. 11:00 PM), riding westbound on King St. W. at Portland - drunk guy kicks (literally kicks) cab door open as I am riding by with lights blinking and bell ringing. Caught the door right on my right knee and skidded under and around the door. Confronted said drunk guy and his drunken cohorts who laugh, and mock, at my situation before stumbling blindly into Cabal. Cabbie was nice enough to offer to drive me to the hospital (as was a wonderful young lady whose name I didn't catch); was okay to hobble the few blocks home on my swollen, scraped and very sore knee with out-of-alignment bike in tow.

Datetime of incident:
2014-08-02 03:00:00 UTC (about 6 years ago)

King St. West and Portland Ave.

Hurt. Cuts, bruises. Will probably follow up with doctor (Level 2)

Police report number:


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #80


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