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I was riding a road bike and suddenly applying brakes as I saw the door opening. The outer thin edge of the partially opened door almost completely sliced off my right hand ring finger as I collided. The car driver drove me to the hospital and was very supportive. As a result of shock, I completely lost vision for the entire drive to the hospital. I was in hospital for 6 hours as they were short staffed on that Saturday, and had to call in a specialist surgeon who was attending a BBQ that afternoon. They re-attached my finger near the first joint, inserting metal pins through the bones longitudinally and transversely, and immobilised my finger with a metal brace. I think it was a few months before all that was removed.
My lawyer got me eleven thousand dollars from that incident. I could never fully close that finger in a fist any more.
My (Miele) bike frame was bent from this, and the rear wheel would no longer track true. I purchased a new bike, and continued to ride.

Datetime of incident:
2015-07-07 01:13:00 UTC (almost 5 years ago)

Bloor & Runnymede

Injured. Something may be broken or sprained. Blood from cuts. (Level 5)

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Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #108 - Licence Plate: CAN'T REMEMBER


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