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Report filed by Doug Green

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Cycling north on Bay St in a bike lane just south of college when a passenger opened the back right door of the cab sitting at the outer edge of the bike lane just as I was trying to pass in the bike lane.

I had slowed down because the car had been standing there for some time with no lights on or warning flasher just on the edge of the bike lane and looked suspicious. The open door then blocked the whole bike lane. I turned the front wheel slightly but my pedal or handle bar must have caught the door and I was thrown sidewise to the sidewalk pavement and landed on the right side of my chest. There was still a fair amount of daylight but I had flashing bike lights on both front and rear anyway.

The passenger apologized, admitting his guilt but did not offer to call 911 as I lay in agony for several minutes. The driver left quickly and no witnesses or pasers-by stopped to offer assistance. I had no cell phone with me.

The bike was not damaged so I was eventually able to continue riding home. Later xrays showed the 2/3 broken ribs.

Doug Green greendoug@sympatico.ca

Datetime of incident:
2015-08-21 00:30:00 UTC (about 4 years ago)

Bay St at College, Toronto

Injured. Something may be broken or sprained. Blood from cuts. (Level 5)

Police report number:
not reported


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #113


Incident Map