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Report filed by callum kelley

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I was "doored" at the intersection of Queen and Parliament. I had just gone through the intersection, heading east when a car door opened so quickly (a driver inside who was about to get out of his car and hadn't looked) that I had no time to react. I went down hard and luckily didn't get hit by the car that whizzed by me on the left hand side (that also would not have had time to react) Some bad scrapes but other than that I was oK. A police officer was on sight within a couple of minutes and asked me if I wanted the driver charged. In the end, he decided to ahead and give him a ticket. The driver was remorseful at the end but didn't take any responsibility at first, adding insult to injury.

Datetime of incident:
2013-07-23 19:30:00 UTC (almost 7 years ago)

Queen Street and Parliament Street, Toronto

Hurt. Cuts, bruises. Will probably follow up with doctor (Level 2)

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