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Doored by a car owned by a security company Probe Security in Toronto. I was passing by the car on the driver side and the driver suddenly opened his door and it hit my bike. I could barely stop and the door hit my left hand and cut fingers quite deep and I fell onto the road. The driver kept saying "you're ok - stand up, stand up, you're ok" then passersby started yelling at him saying "you should have been more careful! You were not even looking!" The driver kept pretending it was not a big deal so I decided to take a picture of him and his car. I think he knows he was at fault as he never told me it was his fault and he kept saying "you're ok, you're ok".

Datetime of incident:
2016-06-23 00:25:00 UTC (about 4 years ago)

(43.66536095459276, -79.41024854779243)

Hurt. Cuts, bruises. Will probably follow up with doctor (Level 3)

Police report number:


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #154 - Licence Plate: BXFS759


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    The driver decided to take picture of my bike as I was taking picture of him.

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