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Major dooring incident involving a severely damaged bicycle (i.e. major dent in right side middle of down tube of a 2011 Rocky Mountain Sherpa 30 bicycle) but no injury to cyclist and no damage to the vehicle. The cyclist was riding east on Queen Street West at a relatively slow pace when the driver of the vehicle opened his door very quickly without looking and had opened the door exactly at the moment the cyclist was about to pass with the door being wedged into the middle of the down tube causing severe bicycle damage (with the cyclist 'pushed' into the middle of the eastbound streetcar tracks losing balance but still landing on one leg - with no traffic in either lane at the time of the incident).

Datetime of incident:
2016-09-15 19:45:00 UTC (about 3 years ago)

761 Queen Street West

Little to no injury. Scuffs and scrapes (Level 1)

Police report number:


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #179


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