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Report filed by Dj McCulloch

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I was cycling southbound on Bathurst St north of Bloor in the curb lane during morning rush hour. Southbound traffic was stopped for a red light at Bloor St. Approximately 6-7 cars north of Bloor, a passenger exiting the rear passenger door of a Diamond Taxi opened the door in front of me. I collided with the door and was thrown to the ground. The force of the impact snapped my left brake lever where it hit the door. I was having some difficulty breathing, so I wanted to call an ambulance. They took me to Mt. Sinai Hospital where I had xrays that revealed fractures to the right C5,C6 & C7 ribs. I had multiple abrasions on my left side (hand, elbow, thigh) from the impact with the door and multiple abrasions to my right side (elbow, lower back, thigh) from the impact with the ground.

Datetime of incident:
2017-07-25 12:35:00 UTC (about 2 years ago)

800 Bathurst St, Toronto

Heavily injured. Incapacitated. Ambulance needed (Level 6)

Police report number:
incident report filed


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #180 - Licence Plate: BYDD 276


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