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Report filed by Gillian Graham

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17 September 2015
Written Traffic accident report to Toronto Police 14 Division
by Gillian Graham of 45 Earnscliffe Road Toronto.

At approximately 18:45 I was cycling east bound on Wilcocks street between Robert street behind me towards Sussex Mews (east).
There were several parked cars on my right all facing east - none with engines or parking lights on.
As I appraoched, a fire engine red new model Nissan the male driver opened the door on drivers side and hit my bike knocking me down and I was knocked off my bike and fell onto the road. I rolled to my left and unable to jump free of my bike and the bike fell on me. I was assisted up after a few minutes by a male bystander.
Driver offered to call 911. I declined. I was on my way to Trinity St.Paul's United Church 477 Bloor Street for choir practice at 7 am. I was advised by the male bystander not to call 416-808-2222 due to long wait times. (I have experienced this myself)
As I was not critically injured and able to walk I decided to get the driver's information and file an on line report within the required 24 hours.

Driver - tall white male, approx 6 ft. He had short dark thick hair, moustache and short beard, no sideburns. He was well dressed, looked about late 20s early 30s and spoke with a heavy French accent (not Quebecois)

The drive got out of the vehicle.
I asked him to show me his ID and driver's licence. He refused to show me his licence, vehicle insurance or provide me details of same. I advised that I had a legal right to ask and be given this information. He said he did not wish to show me his licence or give me his driver's licence #. On my request gave me his name TP phone # 900-000-0000
He did not ask for my details. I gave him a contact card with my name, work place and phone and e-mail

I then continued onto to my choir rehearsal.

At 22:00 I phoned 416-808-2222 to report the accident. I spoke with officer badge # 82524
I was advised that online reporting was not appropriate for this type of accident and that she would send a police officer out to take a report

At 23:56 Officer Saggi. Badge # 9388 attended my home and took a statement.


Details of bike - black U frame Norco
-further details to follow
Gillian Graham
18 September 2015.

Datetime of incident:
2015-09-17 22:45:00 UTC (over 4 years ago)

(43.66290452383666, -79.39579010009766)

Hurt. Cuts, bruises. Will probably follow up with doctor (Level 3)

Police report number:
# 1611372


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #182 - Licence Plate: BLSW 227


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