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Report filed by Tom Polarbear

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Yesterday Friday July 26 at 4pm I had just finished shopping at Food Basics and had my bag in the basket of my yellow cruiser bike. I had to stop for the red light at Sherbourne then it changed and I cycled on, I saw a white van parked in the bike lane just a few feet west of Homewood Ave with the driver loading racks of dry cleaning into the side door. I was not in a hurry , but pedalling leisurely. When I got close to the van and I checked my rear-view mirror and started to ride around it on the left. The driver was walking up the side of the van texting or dialing his phone, so I checked the mirror again and the next thing I knows is I was face first into the pavement, It all happened so fast. A cyclist coming along helped me to my feet and got my bike onto the sidewalk asking if I was ok, was I hurt? I didn't know, my ribs were sore from the handlebars poking them, my knee was scraped, red and swelling, my knuckles were bleeding, the skin on my right calf was scraped off and the other calf too. I heard the cyclist giving the driver of the van shit for parking in the bike lane and why was he parked there and the driver replied "bro I gotta make a living bro" and then drove off . He never checked on me or asked me if I was alright or what. The cyclist had taken a pic of the van as it was parked in the bike lane showing the license plate for me. He called 911 and said that the cops were coming and an ambulance. Then he left. The ambulance arrived and asked me what happened and took me to St. Mikes to x-ray my knee. The cops never did show up. Later when I got out of the hospital and made it home I called the police and the guy who answered knew about the call that came in and said they were very busy at 4pm and couldn't send a cruiser out. After recounting what had happened he started questioning me like it was MY FAULT. He said it sounded like it was my fault and that I had caused the incident and that I better just forget about the whole thing.

So let me get this straight, the van was being loaded while being parked in a marked bike lane and a No Stopping sign and something happened as a cyclist was passing the van on the left (either I clipped the driver passing him or he pushed me), I crashed into the pavement, have to spend a few hours in the Emergency, limp to the subway to go get my bike, suffer all the agro and pain today) AND ITS MY FAULT?? Something wrong here, double standard or what??

Datetime of incident:
2013-07-26 20:00:00 UTC (almost 7 years ago)

Homewood & Wellesley Street east, Toronto

Heavily injured. Incapacitated. Ambulance needed (Level 6)

Police report number:


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #17 - Licence Plate: 101 9XC


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