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Report filed by Michael Holloway

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Driving error on my part.

I tried to get around a cab stopping short on the south-east corner of Phipps and Bay, by taking the narrow passage between the curb and the stopped cab - back passenger door opened.

My front forks chipped the paint on the edge of the cab door at about the level of the door's latching mechanism.

Cabbie did not press me to pay for a new paint job.

I think the cabbie stopped too close to the corner after making his right turn; but I should have stopped, changed lanes and gone around that way.

Courier's never-stop-moving meme landed me in the trouble.

Datetime of incident:
2005-08-17 23:28:00 UTC (almost 15 years ago)

Phipps Street and Bay Street, Toronto

Little to no injury. Scuffs and scrapes (Level 1)

Police report number:


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #19


Incident Map