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I was doored by a co-op taxi cab driver. I had my white headlight, red rare light, and a reflective stripe around my body (so I was visible). I was going eastbound on King Street West, and was hit just across the street of King Taps. The driver had his emergency lights on, though not parked right by the curb, so I rang my bell as a warning. He opened the door right as I was passing, dooring me. I hit and rolled over into the middle of the road (luckily no streetcars or cars were passing by, otherwise I would have been run over), and as of right now, from what I can tell, I only sustained a huge bruise on my right thigh in the quad region. My bike bell broke, and my bike rack was bent, but I was too shaken up to do a full assessment on the bike. Chain fell off, as well.

Once the driver of the cab came out of the car, it was evident he was distracted, as he was on the phone (ear phones in). He was smiling and didn’t apologize or say anything. I immediately got pissed that he couldn’t even apologize for just dooring me and he continued to smile, almost laughed. I kept saying that that was an inappropriate reaction to what just happened, and finally he said something about having been on the phone and smiling about something said in the conversation. Still not a reasonable excuse- he should have hung up as soon as he hit me and attended to me instead of continuing to smile and engage in a conversation.

The cab driver from behind approached us and said that he saw everything and that it was the cab driver’s fault but to “forgive him because he is just a cab driver”… As I was taking down the cab driver’s information, the witness picked up passengers and drove off, so I was not able to get his information but I took a picture of his license plate (which turned out a bit blurry).

Datetime of incident:
2019-05-31 02:55:00 UTC (about 1 year ago)

77 King Street West

Little to no injury. Scuffs and scrapes (Level 1)

Police report number:


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #246 - Licence Plate: CACF 438


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