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I was doored just west of Spadina on the south side of Queen Street West. The driver opened their door as wide as it would go and while I tried to avoid the door my right handle bar caught the door and sent me and my bike down into the next lane of traffic. Thankfully the traffic in that lane was stopped at the light. I didn’t think I broke anything so didn’t ask the driver for their name and contact, which I regret now. After a few hours, my knee swelled up and I am having difficulty with stairs also my finger may be broken. I wasn’t riding fast and am always careful to watch parked cars to see if people may be getting ready to exit a vehicle. One thing I’ve found helpful in the past was watching brake lights however, now I’m noticing drivers will sit in their cars, on their mobiles and exit without looking for cyclists. The person who doored me was a delivery driver and needs to know better to always look for cyclists.

Datetime of incident:
2019-08-05 17:03:00 UTC (almost 1 year ago)

(43.64855929055852, -79.39694777394442)

Injured. Something may be broken or sprained. Blood from cuts. (Level 5)

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Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #247


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