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Got "doored" majorly just East of Lakeshore/Islington. Was sincerely an accident on the driver's part who was apologetic but didn't make it hurt any less. Thankfully the injury was (mostly) localized to a wicked bruise on right arm where the edge of the door hit me.

Datetime of incident:
2013-08-25 20:35:00 UTC (almost 7 years ago)

Lakeshore W & Islington Ave

Hurt. Cuts, bruises. Will probably follow up with doctor (Level 3)

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Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #26 - Licence Plate: BJWT 218


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  • Img 20130826 140421

    A pic of my arm that took the blunt of the hit (1 day after); you can see that the bruise is a line essentially, depicting where the edge of the door hit me and knocked me off my bike. All-in-all I consider myself lucky to not break anything!

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