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Report filed by Gillian Graham

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On my way to work this morning, I was knocked of my bicycle by a man who opened his car door as I was passing parked cars.
I was cycling north on Oakwood Avenue just having cleared the intersection, after light turned green.
I noticed ahead of me, a man walking between a bank of parked cars to my right. As I approached he looked at me and came alongside what appeared to be his vehicle. Just as I was passing in a split second he opened the driver side door onto me. The door clipped my right handle bar and I was knocked to the road with my cycle falling on top of me.
He refused my request for his drivers license and driver documents. Stating that I hit his car! I asked again and said I would call the police, then remembered they will not attend a collision of vehicle is not moving.
The mention of me calling the police changed his demeanor and he raised his arms above his head and on the car hood and groaned. Then he proceeded to get in his car and left the scene of the accident.
Acting quickly in those few seconds as I was getting up and dragging my bike out of traffic, I anticipated I would not have time to take a photo. So I memorized his car plate but not make and model of truck.
No one came to my defense of assisted me to get up or move out of the road. This was surprising to me!

Datetime of incident:
2019-10-08 16:50:00 UTC (10 months ago)

342 Oakwood Avenue

Injured. Something may be broken or sprained. Blood from cuts. (Level 5)

Police report number:
Ref. 1941530


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #255 - Licence Plate: AA 828333


Incident Map