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Report filed by Meggie Tremblay

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I was riding my bike going west on Davenport when this guy opened his door on me! I flew off my bike, fell 2 meter further in the road lane, between 2 cards. Luckily it was a red light so none of the car were moving! The driver got off the car and started to tell me to look where I was going ... My bike is fine exept a couples of scratches and I got some bloody scratches on my left lef. We call the cops and filed a report! P.s. There is a new law that make this Door prize not being reported as Accident (It`s no longer under the HTA - Highway Traffic Act) ... but only Incident! Unless the car is ''Moving'' ! The driver only got a $110 ticket, even if he didn`t have also his registration paper!

Datetime of incident:
2013-09-23 21:55:00 UTC (almost 7 years ago)

1347 Davenport Road, Toronto, ON

Little to no injury. Scuffs and scrapes (Level 1)

Police report number:
# 5237074


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #44 - Licence Plate: BFTT 612


Incident Map