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Report filed by Stephen Allen

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Car stopped approx 4 feet from curb - stop light ahead, assumed they were stopped for that, so passed on curb side (no room in my lane to pass on drivers side). Just as approaching passenger side, door opened quickly - ran right into it no chance to brake. Felt myself going over handle bars, somehow prevented that. I remember the curb prevented me from falling momentarily.
Got drivers insurance information.
Bike cops happened to be passing by, I shouted for them to come over - asked if I wanted to go to hospital (said no) even though in pain. They refused to do a report, saying it was a traffic matter. When I asked if they would radio for a traffic car, I was told they're not allowed to do so.
There was a bicycle rider behind me who witnessed the dooring.

I was really pissed at the woman passenger who minimized what she had done when the bike cops came over. She has no fricken idea how much it hurts apparently. She was more concerned it getting directions to where they were going then if I was alright.

Datetime of incident:
2014-04-24 17:30:00 UTC (about 6 years ago)

(43.651090520885205, -79.38495397567749)

Hurt. Cuts, bruises. Will probably follow up with doctor (Level 3)

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Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #68


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