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Report filed by Ali

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A taxi passenger opened the street-side back door abruptly while the taxi was stopped in the westbound lane. I was biking west between the westbound lane and parked car. The passenger opened the door as my front tire reached the back tire of the car. There wasn't enough time to react or stop, and so my tire hit the edge of the door. I either went over the handle bars or off to the side (it's a bit unclear), and landed on the bridge of my nose and chin. I was then taken to Toronto Western and received 11 stitches across the bridge of my nose. I currently have two black eye, a broken nose and wounds on chin. In sum, super attractive.

Datetime of incident:
2014-07-15 17:50:00 UTC (almost 6 years ago)

690 Queen Street West

Heavily injured. Incapacitated. Ambulance needed (Level 7)

Police report number:


Associated Vehicle:
Vehicle ID No. #76 - Licence Plate: ARRH030


Incident Map