Hey there! Do you want to help us prevent doorings and improve the cycling community in Toronto?

Several individuals are approaching the City of Toronto regarding the enforcement of a safety product on taxis to help prevent dooring. They need your input!

Sure! I'll give you 60 seconds of my time Even if you're not in Toronto, we'd love your feedback!

About the site

Doored.ca a simple site where Canadian cyclists who were "doored" can report their incident for the purpose of gathering stats


Because, back in 2012, the Toronto police redefined what a "collision" is, and apparently that's a good enough reason to discontinue tracking "dooring" incidents.[1]

Because the police won't track dooring until they're ordered to do so.[2]

Because despite the fact that the Police board wants Toronto cops to review the policy, It'll take the Toronto Police 3 months to respond.[3] I built a reporting database application in just 1/6 of that time.

Because I feel it's important to track and record something that's an issue in this community. By not tracking these incidents, how can we even begin to adequately address the issue?

What's a "doorprize", "dooring", to be "doored"?

A "doorprize" is a sarcastic term used by cyclists when a collision occurs due to a car door being carelessly opened on a cyclist's path. This is called being "doored". Dooring incidents cause numerous injuries each year and, in some cases, fatalities.

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